The ultimate guide to Amman (what to see and where to stay)

When you make your list with places to visit in Jordan, make sure you reserve some time in Amman. The city charmed us and is packed with stunning places like the Amman citadel, King Abdullah 1 mosque, Roman amphitheatre and so much more. 

To help you we gathered all the information on what to see in Amman, where to stay in Amman and how to join an Amman City tour. We even included some of the best day trips from Amman.

Read this guide to receive all the information you need to have a great time when you visit Amman. 

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The ultimate guide to Amman

How to get around in Amman


Most things to do in Amman are located fairly close to each other in downtown Amman. This makes the city easy to explore by foot. You can do this by yourself or by joining a free walking tour. This free Amman city tour begins opposite of the Roman theater at the Amman Pasha Hotel Lobby and takes around two hours. For more information have a look at Free Walking Tours Amman.

Private Taxi

The best and fastest option to see the city is if you get a taxi in Amman. The prices are good and you can find them at almost every street corner. Keep in mind that you should agree to a price before you get in the taxi. A private taxi can be recognized by the yellow color.

Service Taxi

A service taxi can be shared with other people and has to follow a route. These white colored taxis are not allowed to leave the city and after 8pm the price raises 25%. Keep in mind that using a service taxi can take a while because a lot of people use them.

Public transport

Traveling by bus in Jordan is safe, easy to use and cheap. One thing that is quite different than we are used to is that they don’t follow timetable schedules. The busses usually depart when the bus is full but in Amman this doesn’t take long.

Driving in Amman

In comparison with other parts of Jordan, driving in Amman can be really hectic. If you avoid rush hour it is doable when you’re confident with your own driving skills. Beside the traffic in Amman, Jordan is perfect for a road trip and the roads are in good condition.

Is Amman safe?

With Jordan being located in the Middle East region, people often think it’s not safe. But that is not how we experienced it. The people were really kind and helpful and did everything to make us feel welcome and comfortable in their country. The Jordan tourism board is working hard to get rid of the negative image the country has to get more tourism, and that is what Jordan deserves.

Free walking tours Amman

What to see in Amman

Amman is a spirited city and home to both cultural and historical sites. The city is a great example of traditional Jordanian culture combined with a modern twist. This makes it easy to explore for people who are not familiar with travelling to the Middle East. In Amman you can find some of the coolest places to visit in Jordan and this guide provides everything you need to know about what to see in Amman.

The Amman Citadel

Based in the heart of downtown Amman you will find the ancient ruins of the citadel. Located on top of the Jebel Al Qala’a hill you will discover incredible sites from different cultures. At 850m above sea level you will have a great overview of the Roman Theater and the houses built upon the hill in downtown Amman. The Amman citadel is rich in variety and something that should unquestionably be on your itinerary for Amman.

The Temple of Hercules

Unmissable because of the two giant standing pillars are the remains of the Roman Temple of Hercules. Seen from various parts of town and probably the most significant Roman structure of the Amman citadel. This place looks at it’s best when visiting around sunset. Although the 6 pillars are the most photogenic part of the citadel, the temple is famous for having the hand of Hercules. Most pictures make the hand appear bigger than it actually is. When we went looking for the hand it was quite difficult finding it due the reference.

The Umayyad Palace

When you walk to the northern part of Jabal al-Qal’a in Amman you stumble on a magnificent building. The Umayyad palace that was built over the remains of a Roman construction between 724 and 743 AD by Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan. In 1998 the roof was renovated with a modern wooden dom, this to make it more accesible for modern day cultural activities. It is still one of the most famous archaeological buildings of Jordan.

Roman Amphitheatre 

The Roman Amphitheatre in Amman is a 2nd-century Roman theatre with a capacity of 6,000 seats. The theater was made in the time when Amman was still called Philadelphia and is still one of the most impressive relics of the city. Nowadays, the theatre is also home of two museums. On the left side you will find the Jordan Museum of Popular Traditions and on the other side the The Jordan Folklore Museum. During summer, the theatre is still often used as a host for concerts or cultural events. Imagine the spectacular acoustic and atmosphere during a concert at this historical site.

King Abdullah 1 Mosque

Traveling is all about finding authentic places and blending in with the culture of the country. The blue mosque of King Abdullah is one of those landmarks that gives you a taste of both culture and religion. The King Abdullah Mosque has a capacity of around 7000 and is the only mosque in Amman that is accessible for non-Muslim visitors. 

When visiting the blue mosque in Amman as a woman it is required to cover your hair. They have scarves available at the entrance. Like at all other mosques shoes must be taken off before entering.

Blue Mosque Amman

Rainbow street

One of the main attractions in Amman is the Rainbow Street in Jabal. The Rainbow street is packed with pubs, restaurants and cafes. On Friday morning the Souk Jara Market opens and offers the best local souvenirs. One thing you need to know is that they only open during summer.

Day trips from Amman

Although there are enough activities in Amman, the city is located perfect for some exciting day trips. From Amman it is easy to reach Petra, The Dead Sea or Jerash. If you rented a car, you can easily do this on your own. If not there are plenty of options when it comes to joining a tour.

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A day trip to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is one of those things you can’t miss when traveling through Jordan. At around 1,5 hours from Amman you will have the opportunity to float in the Dead Sea and see some of the best salt formations. You can easily spend 1 or 2 days here but if your time is limited, it is wiser to take a day trip from Amman to Dead Sea.

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Day trips from Amman

A day trip to Jerash

At only 45 minutes driving from Amman you can explore the Roman ruins of Jerash. As the best preserved Roman ruins of the Middle East, it is definitely worth a day trip. If you purchased a Jordan pass before going to Jordan you won’t have to pay the entrance fee of 10 JOD. You can easily fill a whole day with your day trip from Amman to Jerash or you can go early and leave around lunch.

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Where to stay in Amman

In Amman you can find some of the fanciest hotels in Jordan. The luxury hotels will come with a price but there are enough options to keep your budget low. To make it easy for yourself pick a hotel near downtown Amman, this is where you will find almost all of the Amman tourist sites.

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Staying at W Amman

During our trip in Amman we teamed up with W Amman. We enjoyed a Cool Corner Suite and had some of the best food in their signature restaurants Mesh and Enso. W Amman is considered one of the best hotels in Amman and after our experiences we can confirm that this hotel is something different. With the motto: Your room, your rules they set the tone and offer a unique experience with endless possibilities.

the Weather in Amman


June to August - During the summer in Jordan temperatures can be quite extreme. Exploring the capital is really tough during this period. The prices drop but most places close during low season.


September to November - The hot summer period is coming to an end and this is a good time to plan a trip to Jordan. Keep in mind that the nights become a lot colder as winter is coming.


March to May - Although the prices will be a little higher this is the perfect time to visit Jordan. The weather is great as the temperature is not that extreme yet. If you’re in to hiking this is the best time to travel in Jordan.

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