48 hours in Bangkok

Bangkok is often called the backpackers capital of South East Asia, and beside the chaos that Bangkok brings it also has a lot of exciting things to see and do. Take a look at the Grand Palace, eat traditional Thai street food or take a ride in a tuk tuk on your way to amazing temples like Wat Pho and Wat Arun.

With so much different things to do in Bangkok, it can be a really tough time to plan your stay. In this guide you can read how to get the best out of 48 hours in Bangkok.


48 Hours In Bangkok

Chill at a hotel with rooftop pool in bangkok

You can find lots of hotels with a rooftop pool in Bangkok. After a long flight it's lovely to have some time at the pool. When you are charged up after some time relaxing you are ready to explore the city. During our visit in Bangkok we stayed in Casa Nithra, they offer good quality for a decent price.

Bangkok has a lot of rooftop pools for a decent price

Take a walk on Khao san Road

Khao San Road is probably the most famous street of Asia. And that is mostly for her party scene and that is visible, because everything is arranged to satisfy backpackers coming from all over the world. Khao San Road is also the place where you can get all kinds of street food. We prefer the last one over the party scene or tend to take it a bit more easier on Soi Rambuttri. 

tuk tuk

wander around Soi rambuttri

Nearby Khao San Road you can find a smaller alley named Soi Rambuttri. We prefer this small street over Khao San Road everyday. The vibe at Soi Rambuttri is way more authentic and you will find less tourists. For a calm walk past street food stalls and small shops, this is where you should be. In the evening you can find lots of nice restaurants and outdoor bars.

Eat thai street food

Bangkok has street food like no other. If you like to life on the edge and love to try new things, you are in the right place. Dare yourself to eat fried rats, spiders or even scorpions. Eating Thai street food is all part of the ultimate Bangkok experience and the Thai Cuisine is favorite for many people. We prefer to try signature dishes as Pad Thai or Khao Pad over fried spiders and we loved that you can have really tasteful meals for almost nothing. 

thai street food

take a Boat trip on the ChaoPhraya

The ChaoPhraya River is also known as ‘‘The River of Kings’’ and is the life blood of Bangkok. A boat trip will take you along a number of attractions such as Wat Arun, Wat Pho, The Grand Palace and the Flower Market. You can book your tickets at the Chaoprahya Tourist Boat, they offer 3 kind of passes: 1-day river pas for 200 Baht, 1-night river pas for 200 Baht and all-day all-night pass for 300 Baht. If you don’t have a lot of time in Bangkok, this boat trip can ensure you to see some of the highlights.

Chao Phraya River in Bangkok

Wat Arun ‘The Temple of Dawn’

Wat Arun also known as ‘‘The Temple of Dawn’’ is located on the west side of the Chao Phraya River. With a height reaching 82 metre you can't miss it. It's one of the nicest and cheapest temples in Bangkok and it's fully decorated with broken porselein from China. 

The best time to visit is early in the morning, there is almost now shadow at the site and it can be really crowded at noon. You can use the ferry over the Chao Phraya River to get from Wat Arun to Wat Pho. 

Opening hours:  8AM - 5:30PM

Entrance: 50 Baht


Visit Wat Pho and see the reclining Buddha

What Pho is known as ‘‘The Temple of the Reclining Buddha’’. With a mesmerizing Reclining Buddha that has a lenght of 46 metre this temple is really impressive. The temple is one of Bangkok's oldest temples and is recognized by UNESCO. Visiting Wat Pho is easy to combine with a trip to Wat Arun. 

Opening hours: 8AM - 6:30PM

Entrance: 200 Baht


the grand palace

The Grand Palace is the biggest attraction in Bangkok, and a trip to the palace can take a whole day. With beautiful architecture and high standing detail it shows the creativity and craftsmanship of Thai people. Keep in mind that it is Thailand’s most sacred site and they use a strict dresscode. So cover up your shoulders, wear something that covers up your knees and don’t show bare feet.

Opening hours: 8AM - 3:30PM

Entrance: 500 Baht