The Roman ruins of Jerash

Jerash is known as the best preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy. Located at 1 hour from Amman it is perfect for a one day trip. The archaeological site in Jerash comes right after Petra as the second most popular site in Jordan. When you pay a visit to Jerash you won’t get disappointed, many people think it is as impressive as the Roman ruins in Athens or Rome.

If you are interested in a different cultural side of Jordan, make sure you pay a visit to one of Jordan’s hidden gems.


The Roman ruins of jerash

One of the hidden gems of Jordan

Jerash is the second most visited place in Jordan, after Petra. As one of the best roman ruins you will experience a totally different side of Jordan. Although it is one of the hidden gems in Jordan, it also is one of the largest and best-preserved sites of Roman architecture in the world. Jerash will be a perfect addition to any kind of road trip through Jordan.   


How to get to Jerash, jordan

The journey from Amman to Jerash takes just under an hour if you travel by car. During this short drive you will see how the beautiful vast landscape of Jordan presents itself.

You can also take the bus from the North Terminal Bus Station in Amman. Bus rides in Jordan are really affordable, a one way trip from Amman to Jerash will cost you around one dinar.

Jerash entrance fee

When it comes to entering the Jerash Roman ruins you will have to pay an entrance fee of 12 dinar. This includes your entrance to the archaeological museum. The site opens at 7:30 and closes at 7:00 pm.

While entering the site you pass through a small souq where you have the opportunity to buy food, drinks and make use of the free restrooms.

If you purchased a Jordan pass online, the entrance to Jerash will be free.

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The Roman ruins of jerash

With an amazing blend of Greco-Roman and Oriental influences the ruins are really worth the visit. Explore buildings like the Hadrian's Gate, the Hippodrome or places like the Zeus temple or temple of Artemis. When walking around the site you will also find a really good preserved theater. As one of the hidden gems, Jerash was one of our highlights while discovering Jordan.

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