The Dead Sea: Chasing salt formations in Jordan

Floating in the Dead Sea is an experience you can’t miss when travelling through Jordan. With almost 10 times more salt than in the ocean it is impossible not to float. Even though it is called the Dead Sea it is actually a salt lake located in between Jordan and Israel. the Dead Sea is known as the lowest point on earth at around 400m below sea level. Besides floating in the sea, you would also like to chase some of the best salt formations of the area.

Take a look at this guide and find everything you need to know about visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan.


Everything you need to know about visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan

Floating in The Dead Sea

With a water density that is way higher than every ocean on earth it is impossible not to float. With a salinity of 342g/kg, it is one of the world’s saltiest lakes. Floating in the sea is really a strange but fun experience if you keep the following things in mind.

  • Don’t splash the water or get it in your eyes.

  • Wear something on your feet.

  • Don’t shave a few days before getting in the water.

  • Get out the water after around 15 minutes.

  • Wash of the salty water afterwards.

  • Bring a bottle of water.

Some facts about The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is called ‘dead’ because the circumstances make it impossible for fish and plants to live in it. At around 400m below sea level it is the lowest point on earth and exploring along the road causes your ears to pop a couple of times. Rumors say the Dead Sea is shrinking around 1 meter a year caused by various reasons. So take your chance to experience the magic of this natural healing environment before it is too late.

The Dead Sea is know as the lowest point on earth

Health benefits of The Dead Sea, Jordan

The Dead Sea is one of earth's best places for natural healing. It is famous for having various health benefits. The water is rich in minerals and that is good for your skin. The salt and minerals from the sea can treat hives, cellulite, acne and psoriasis. The water also helps for people with joint problems and rheumatoid arthritis.

As the lowest point on earth the UV radiation is also lower, which makes this place even better for natural healing.

You can enjoy a lovely sunset over the Dead Sea in Jordan

Hotels at The Dead Sea area in Jordan

Staying in the Dead Sea area will cost you a lot more money than in other parts of Jordan. You can find a lot of high end luxury hotels on the shore of the Dead Sea. Most of them have a private beach where you can cover your body in mud and have a swim in the sea. During our stay at the Dead Sea we chose to stay at The Ramada Resort by Wyndham. It usually has a good rate even though it is a luxury hotel. To find the best spots to make pictures we recommend you to explore the cliffs along the road instead of visiting the private beaches.

Find hotels at The Dead Sea

Salt at the Dead Sea in Jordan

Where to find the best salt formations
at The Dead Sea in Jordan

When driving the Jordan Valley Highway you will find several cliffs where you can find mesmerizing salt formations. You can recognize them by the teal colored water surrounding the edges. To get to the salt formations you have to do some effort. It is often hiking and climbing along the cliffs but once you reach the formations you will be really satisfied. Some of the best formations are found left of the Wadi Mujib Adventure Center.

Have you floated in the dead sea before, let us know about your experience in the comments.

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